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busting my way from outside the window of the bad guy

History is littered with times just like mine and just like others. When it all feels like a horrible case of deja vu, almost like a constipation of ideas. What does it all mean?

There are choices made very often by people who have no place making them and to it there lies the depression they call the winds. And not those that are pleasant but smell just as badly. Now that simply made no sense.

Oil is really doing the roller coaster thing now. I reckon that it is going to get close to about 100 by year end settle there. We certainly can’t afford it at this rate. It makes absolutely no sense even though it makes no difference in Zimbabwe.

The news coming out of the markets though is not any good, unless you are talking Zimbabwe where OMIR was up again after taking a hit before the statement. It is a bit stupid really cause the higher it goes the less money the market is actually making. But watch TA Holdings stock. IT’s really doing a bit but I would get slightly worried holding onto it.

But this is not a market commentary so I should leave it because the reality of it all is at the moment sin is the in thing. We are bullshitting and still want to be on the pulpit. It is ignorant but we want to be seen as savuours of a lost generation.

Me included! And we are not the first!