Bulawayo Clinic Now Shebeen

It looks like some nurses and doctors in Bulawayo  consider their fun time very seriously, so serious that they have turned an infectious diseases clinic in ward four into a shebeen.

The Bulawayo Central Hospital clinic has been dysfunctional for nearly two years . As a result the student doctors and nurses who work at the hospital have decided to invade it.In defense of the nurses and doctors I really dont think they wanted to cause any harm, all they wanted was a place to rest their heads after a long day of saving lives.

However from experience I also  know that where there are young people living together, sooner or later booze goes into the equation and not too long after that all  inhibitions are lost. From that point on all sorts of debauchery can start to take place that may very well  end with some of the said nurses and doctors having all sort of infections.

The goings on at the clinic have been met with a loud outcry from residents. They have complained about the abuse of the much needed health care infrastructure and the events taking place there. In all this fiasco, pointing fingers will not help. The ministry of Health, Council, the residents and the students and doctors should discuss how to best address each and everyones concerns.

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