Briss Mbada Takes Shots At Bulawayo, Zim Hip Hop Awards In New Viral Song

Rapper Briss Mbada is clearly still unhappy about male artist of the year snub which went to Bulawayo boy Cal_Vin at the Zim Hip Hop Awards.

Briss Mbada PIC: Artist Facebook page

Briss Mbada PIC: Artist Facebook page

At the awards he stormed the stage and expressed his being unhappy about it. Not one of the proudest moments of the awards.

He has now dropped a song… not sure of the title in which the chant is:

Harare ndiyo capital city
Harare huchi, usasaize Harare.

He starts off the song by saying

Ndakaenda kumaBulawayo Hip Hop Awards ndichifunga kuti maZim hip hop awards (I went to the Bulawayo Hip Hop Awards thinking they were the Zim hip hop awards)

He then sets out the scene in the first verse, of the experience through his eyes and takes a shot at Cal_Vin calling him a Judas who wasn’t supposed to win anything really.

The awards integrity is called into question as he says the judges pretty much embarrassed Harare (essentially saying that Harare by being the capital city was simply meant to sweep the boards).

In the second and final verse he then does a roll call of his preferred artist with the only Bulawayo one mentioned is POY because of the song he did with MC Chita.

Briss┬áthen tops it all off by telling ZHHA head Beefy and partners Spencer Madziya’s Platinum Entertainment not to disrepect Harare. And then says… respect.

We got the song on Whatsapp so we are not sure if it is available online yet.

We will be watching this one. Wondering if this is about to become a north side versus south side rep your hood type thing. Whatever it is, it is about to get interesting.

  • Mutambo uya watsvuka ropa! #Inzwa

    • People will back of as usual

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        hahahaha mafunnies, crazy dudes, beefing over nothing nxa NEXT