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Bloodstream dementia

Placed in a continuum where one makes decisions based on irreconcilable transactions there is a tendency in human beings to create fantasies based on the other side of reality. Some call it religion and others escapology.

You see the common fallacy in mainstream society is that when we live on the precipice of ideals it makes us more acceptable – that if we believe that pies in the sky tinged with the inebriated overflow of social infidelity- it makes us as credible as Hillary Clinton’s account of the Bosnian affair.

Of course I do not have an answer that would cause mismanaged violence against my person – look at what a cartoon did in Europe the other day – but what if we all are in this space where we are thinking within boxes so multi-layered that our reality is never what it is. I just heard someone cock their gun there and somewhere in the land of those who spit on heathens, a bird just fell out of the sky. Of course the opium as Karl Marx calls it is good because it helps us manage the masses doesn’t it?

What is the scenario? Your guess is no good and mine is useless. We’re like an oddball couple which has no option but to make it work… Ubtil of course there exists an option. But that is dementia in the bloodstream… I think my pinky might just fall off tonight…