Barefoot Diva Dead

Cesaria Evora the Grammy Award Winning and iconic singer from Cape Verde has died.

Evora was known as the “Barefoot Diva” because she usually performed without shoes. Evora is one of those artists you have to dig for to find and once you listen to her you get hooked for life.

A few restaurants in Harare play her music, it’s the kind of music that you listen to and say wow that’s a nice song but never get to know who sang it. She sang the traditional music of the Cape Verde which contains heavy influences of elements brought by Angolan slaves.

Her songs were mostly sung in the version of creole spoken there, but her music was universal and the purity of her voice and her music’s infectious beat made her an international act.

Often she was compared to American jazz singer Billie Holiday and for someone who got world wide recognition much later in her career that is a feat to be commended.

Evora retired in September because of poor health. Over the years she had several operations, including open-heart surgery in 2010. She died in the Baptista de Sousa Hospital in Mindelo, on her native island of Sao Vicente in Cape Verde. She was 70.

RIP, Cesaria Evora and thank you for the great music.

Below is one of her popular tracks aptly titled Angola