Asiagate: ZIFA CEO Kidnapped

Like something out of a Hollywood thriller, the Asiagate match-fixing scandal has gone ugly with news emerging that ZIFA CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze was kidnapped and detained for several hours by unknown men.

It is said he was kidnapped on 21 February just a few days after disgraced former CEO Henrietta Rushwaya appeared in court on 11 charges of corruption. She was released on bail and her conditions were relaxed.

Mashingaidze is accused of being a whistleblower in the match-fixing scandal which has gotten over 90 people in hot water.

One of the kidnappers was arrested and is expected to appear in court. Mashingaidze says he was told he was on a ‘super hit list’ as the whistleblowing had stepped on toes that do not like being stepped on.

It leaves you wondering how far up the ladder the rot goes and if those who sent the kidnappers will ever be known. It also makes you wonder if this investigation will root out corruption in the sport. Does that mean that we accept that there is a clandestine group of people who are operating the game whose names and faces will never become mainstream but are happy to replace those who got arrested with new faces using more sophisticated methods?

It brings a new dimension to the idea that this is just a game. The Chinese are dealing with it. Why aren’t we?

Source: Byo24News

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