Asiagate: Monomotapa FC Should Be Banned

Henrietta Ruswaya was arrested. 82 players were banned and the national coach was virtually sacked.

This is the fallout from the corruption around the Asiagate scandal that has rocked the Zimbabwe football scene to its core. ZIFA House headed by Cuthbert Dube is trying to make sense of the whole issue, which has caught the eye of the FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Now, in all this former Zimbabwe champions Monomotapa FC masqueraded as the national team and sold the country down the river. So far they have been left to their whims and we think that this should not be the case.

To consciously make a decision to misrepresent your country is shameful and an affront to the country. It also implies that the club itself is corrupt and does not play by the rules. It creates its own rules flouts regulations as it pleases. An act of treason cannot be let to go.

Put it this way, if someone dressed themselves up and went and pretended to be a high-level government official, would they be allowed to go scott-free?