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another conference and a lot more hot air

No everyone will know that I am not the biggest fan of anything that is referred ti as a festival, workshop, conference or convention. I do not like them and I think they are a complete waste of time.

This however was billed as the one that you had to attend. After all, the investors were coming and you needed to know what they were saying. And just to show that we were more serious this time we took at away from the traditional HICC and decided to make Tom and his wife some money at the Celebration Centre.

Yes a couple of people came from the investment community. The Honourable Professor gave his technical analysis. The Honourable PM endorsed him. And His Excellency spoke till the cows threatened not to come home.

Good times right?

Except that noone knew what the point of it all was. It sounded just like every other little shindig that they have been putting together. It feels almost as if we have created a nation of professional conference/ workshop/ blah blah delegates. Because I am not sure why they didn’t just package a lot of this and send people as Powerpoint presentations.

Oh but the person organising it wouldn’t have made as much money.

This reform, that reform but no action plan. We want to do this but err… that was the part when I dozed off – mentally. Only to wake up to lunch. I call it lunch but it was just bad wedding food. But, hey, we don’t really mind do we? We just say, not bad for Zimbabwe.

It did however draw a few people closer but it just didnt have that magic dust.The juice was missing. It sounded nice but there just lacked that little bit that is needed to get the notoriously scared fund managers thinking of throwing money into the country.

It did all look a bit nicer than the last gig they put together but it had just about as much hot air.

After all, we dont really have these gatherings to get anything done. We talk about getting things done then fob off to where we came from until the next time we get called to the next do.

Getting things done? Ah that is for other folk! That is until the next conference of course