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America tries to rig it in Obama’s favour

While bags of people have been stopping me to ask me about the United States election poll I have disappointed many with the expression…  I couldn’t care less.

You see Obama winning this could just be a Pyrrhic victory for the minorities across the world. It shuts everybody up and says America has elected a minority so anything is possible. But is it really? 
While giving Senator Obama the credit for how far he has come it must be said that he is riding on the fortunes of those with the power to elect. It might be said the he positioned himself well but the reality on the ground is that they set it up for him. 
They looked him in the eye and said we will do our very best to elect you. The press treated him with kid gloves a lot of the time, giving him the benefit of the doubt for some of the things that would sink other candidates. Anyone with any sense will admit begrudgingly even that the stronger Democratic candidate lost the primary. History, the press, corporate America, the Kennedys, Rockerfellers and the like all threw their weight behind Obie.
But of course people would call this conspiracy theory but how many actually think about it. Very few but the sad thing is there is very little that can be done about it.
Your vote will only make the difference they want it to make. Maybe the idea is to make it look close and he loses. And then say ah well, he did come close. But they want him to win so they shut everyone up.
Cause that is the point isn’t it?