Allegory of the Cave:Revisted

The  recent discovery by Felisa Wolfe-Simon and her colleagues of an arsenic-eating bacterium at Mono Lake, California, is what is making the buzz in the science world.

 Before we proceed may we make a disclaimer to those who skipped their science classes to bask in the sun:  basic knowledge of the  periodic table of elements is crucial here folks…having said that… the assumption  has been that all life forms are created from six main elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. 

 Before this bacteria were discovered it was believed that life was dependant on these elements being present, if this discovery is true it means a number of facts that scientist have sworn by for centuries are just hogwash.

Now we in the boat are never startled by such discoveries, they just confirm what we already know…. that peoples understanding of their surroundings is nothing but an  illusion…. and for as long as those with power or are said to be in the know, agree on  intepretation and meaning…. then that meaning is cast on all and sundry.

 Remember what happened to those guys who said the world was round and not square  ? we bet our last dirty five USA dollar that this bacteria was known by someone, somewhere a long time ago  but she/he was given the gag.