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after the slogans have stopped

When a man is broke and there is a prospect of money he is at his most reasonable. He will promise equity, justice and that it comes with for all those that are deemed to be the oppressed.

Of course we all know that when the money does come through and the shoe is on the other foot then all things change because now decisions from the standpoint of the empowered have to be made.

Now that is what happens with what we deem opposition politics. I think the whole thing is a pathetic exercise in futility. It is all very well telling the man who is in power, who is the most exposed what he has done wrong and offer populist solutions to whatever the mess is and entirely different thing to be the one isolated at the top of the mountain.

Leadership it will be said is one of the most challenging of vocations for one to engage actively in because whatever one does there will be some group that will believe they hold a quorum for dissent. They will sloganeer and shout all types of obscenities concerning the said leader. That is of course they after doing enough to desecrate the sacred pole of the said leader, they now assume the leadership.

They suddenly engage in pretty much the same things the former did because, well now the situation is different of course. Back then we were in a revolution and certain radical ideas had to be put out to achieve an end but now being a leader is a bit more sophisticated. And besides as a leader I am eligible for certain perks. I will still be your servant but oh come now now…

But that is not limited to politics. Walk into many businesses in Zimbabwe and you will find the same practices that they claim to find so repugnant in the order being the norm. They will even go a step further and demand of their workers what they don’t have.

In many business the workers subsidise the business. They will be paid $50 against extremely modest expense expectation of about $300 and then get all types of stringent measures imposed just for good measure.

Then someone within the company who experienced the oppression will be promoted and then suddenly say… Well, when you’re not in management you see things differently. There is teh balance sheet that needs to be taken care of and we just can’t keep up. Sure I’ve just had four holidays in the last couple of months but that is my perk…

So stop the sloganeering comrades and get back to work… And you, make sure that my flight to Venice has been confirmed. I heard it’s fun around this time of the year.