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after the sex

The delicate nature of human relations sometimes means that we have a tendency to leave things undone for fear of creating some sort of embarrassment. What we do is a matter of some unfettered form of opinion in the constant search for some sort of divine interpretation.

I remember there was a time when we were a lot younger when we were often dragged to church every Sunday because that is what good boys did to get ice cream for lunch. It was fun because you often dodged the whole thing even though you were there by imagining something else altogether while you sat in the audience. Luckily the church I went to before the next one never really expected attention from its parishioners.

Then it was that one day my dear mother decided that because she was unhappy with a woman who wore these really huge glasses and spoke at the top of her voice all the time, that we were suddenly shipped off to another church where again we were bribed, this time by congregation activities and movies even. Now that was an interesting one. Except I was not allowed to behave the way I had in the previous. In this one there was Bible study and revision of material to make sure we were properly indoctrinated.

So then in that time, I ruled out sex, smoking, drinking and all that other stuff that was called vice. There was a list of it all you know.

I am glad for this. Except after the sex everything changed… And that you really wanna know about dont you?