Africa Should Stop Accepting Aid!

I just came across an article from the BBC site in which British Prime Minister David Cameron has threatened to dock some of its aid to countries whose  ‘governments… do not reform legislation banning homosexuality.

It had me thinking. With so many African countries suffering from serious dependency syndrome and all, what he is saying is that, to hell with what the locals want. Our aid, our money decides what you will do, whether your people want it or not.

Now I don’t know about you, but that just makes me uncomfortable. It means that the next time Mr Cameron or whoever sits in his place wants something done, what he fancies he will simply say, do it, or else you will get no aid which will mean governments like Botswana have no chance when it comes to self-determination.

I find it wee-bit curious that he makes these pronouncements barely a fortnight after those PM Morgan Tsvangirai comments. For those living under a rock, our PM is a gay rights advocate.

I say African countries should stop accepting this aid because it is laden with all sorts of conditions. After this decision, made from Whitehall, it means no referendum can be made, because a referendum might result in the country losing money. Just another type of twisted dictatorship.

Makes my blood boil!