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africa bleeds

In a month that is called Africa Month, the celebration of the statehood of the great continent, the tragedy of events that have been taking place in Africa is disturbing to say the least.

I imagine in my past life when I sat with the ancestors at the council and spoke of a blueprint for Africa I dreamed of something more beautiful than what we have now. The history of this continent is one of great visionaries who accepted people of a natured different to theirs and within the moral code of the society accepted them.

But now, just two years before the world cup the dream is drenched in the blood of those who have lost their lives and the tears of those who mourn them.

Sad thing is because this is mainly happening in the ghetto the authorities have it under control. Zimbabweans being the main target it is sad, because it is the same Zimbabweans who have sheltered so many refugees in the past, with the Apartheid regime, the wars in Mozambique, Angola and DRC. But those other countries aside you would think the African brotherhood would be supercede all.

While the whole world looks at June 27 in Zimbabwe, one of Africa’s darkest moments rumbles on.

As of this morning, SABC international had the death toll at 22.