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a toast to the heroes of the liberation struggle

Today I sit in an apartment. I go to any place I please. I believe in possibilities. I can even dream of the presidency. All that is possible because there are people who suspended their personal ambitions so that I could gain the liberty to pursue mine without hinderance.

You see, the concept of heroes in some circles is too politicised. The other day while i was in the audience in a concert someone got on stage and paid his respect to the vice president, Joseph Msika and someone standing with me said he felt it was not the appropriate place for political expression. And I was like, no. The vice president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, a man who lent his hand towards the realisation of a Zimbabwe, a country that we can now debate about and map the future has died. It is not political. Yes, he had his faults and when you’re 85 you will have more faults than most, but he is a hero and it’s sad when many people forget that.

So today on the eve of the day picked to remember the heroes, to all who have come before me, who in the struggle against the colonial power, have given me a chance to be whatever I want to be. I salute you