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a day before, will there be change?

With a day to go before Americans go out to put in the final vote on who the next president of the United States of America a questions come to mind. Will it really change anything or are we going to have a disguised more of the same mission.

You see the idea that one man, Barack Obama in this instance can change the ideas that define a nation is ambitious. If there is to be a change he will merely be the poster child for that movement. Even that is hard to argue for because in reality, he can’t do anything outside the template that he is given as the president of the country.

Cause you see, John McCain could become president tomorrow, and there is every chance he will and the country will still get in and out of recession. Cause like Zimbabweans, they will figure out that you have someone in office who has been voted in, so might as well deal with him.

Of course that doesnt mean that things won’t be done differently because the powers will allow either man to appear to be making a difference, because the powers need that. The masses must feel that they have made a change and there is the minor matter of the hungry masses becoming agitated which could lead to pandemonium. And we can’t have that. After all now we are down to four helpings of caviar instead of the standard 6. This is hard.

So anyway come Wednesday, America will have a new president in waiting. Thing is, will it make a chance. And if it is Obama, will he live long enough to get into office