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2008 review: Nothing happened

So we started off in a world of despair and we remain the doldrums. We are not sure what we want anymore because we have started questioning what we want and what we are going for.

Global warming continued to take centre stage as did the war on terror. The US of America and the world elected with the help of the powers, the first black president. His name was not the most likely of the bunch but it worked. He became a beacon of hope even as the world headed nose first for the muck.

And even as this was going on George W Bush found new ways to become unpopular and Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe engineered new ways to raise the ire of the western world. And then Africa tried to rescue the situation but that didnt work out. The people of Zimbabwe and Gaza continued to suffer because the people that could help them didnt like the government they elected.

Then we had one of the greatest movies in the history come out except the guy who played main character in it, the anti-hero, Heath Ledger died before that was up.

Then there was Britney Spears. Oh yes there was Britney Spears. By virtue of mentioning her name our blog will receive a few hits that we adnt even targetted. That is how hectic it was for Britney it was.

The three men on a boat somewhere tired sometimes but there was always one continuously awake to watch the pigeons as we neither rowed nor were in a stream.

We upset a few people and that we regre without apology. We made a few fans and we even had secret service agents from various countries looking us up just in case we were somewhere along the line guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism.

In all of this we tried to remain relevant. This was the year that politics rtook the main stream and acquired a rock star personality. It was on the lips of all and sundry. Yes all and sundry. This was like the soccer world cup, the cup even my mom and my little sister would not care about took an interest.

Except then the politics in Zimbabwe were about life an death issues. Someone’s life resulting in someone’s death,.

All in all we cried more than we laughed, but in the grand scheme of things, bar for a few minor incidents, nothing happened his year!

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