$2.3 billion deals for Tourism? is that a joke?

So the politicking has started. The spin has begun. ZTA boss Karikoga Kaseke has spoken of a mystery 2.3bn dollars in deals having been made between Zimbabwean tourism industry practitioners and external investors.

That sounds sweet but I am thinking, from where? I know spin when I see spin and the statement is filled with so many non-specifics that it feels like a bit of a joke.

If there was a real 2.3bn then there would be all kinds of details thrown about. There would be one big party going on but I don’t see anyone doing cartwheels down Samora Machel Avenue.

Of course the old codger could come up with a dossier and make us look like a bunch of fools but ten bucks says he doesnt… And another ten bucks says in a few weeks there will be an excuse offered as to why that money hasn’t come through and we suspect it might have something to do with…