ZTA Boss Kaseke Attacks Christianity

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Boss Karikoga Kaseke isn’t too impressed with Christianity’s role in the tourism industry.

He has accused some hotels of imposing ‘Christian’ values on visitors to the country, forcing them to go to bed by 7pm, even.

Bulawayo 24 News quoted Kaseke as saying:

They are putting the tourists under curfew, meaning that they would not spend their money at all. That is not how tourism is done.

They should visit night clubs and enjoy night life. This will result in them spending some money which will boost our tourism revenue.

While we agree with Kaseke that they should be out there spending money –  at least we know that those rasta  guys at Harare Gardens will agree support him – the fact that he attacks Christianity is dangerous.

Maybe what he should have gone with is conservative. Conservative is a good word. It deals with all the nasty bits that come with old-world values. Some of it is steeped in colonialism. Christianity was on the forefront of colonisation, It was used as the yoke and people will accept that part. But then to link it directly to colonisation still being so strong in Africa on the mental level, well that would be blasphemy wouldn’t it?

So we use the word, conservative. Or, old-world.

But is it true? Are old world values getting in the way of progress?

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