ZABG: $50 Maximum Withdrawal Limit An Unbelievable Joke

Troubled ZABG has reached a new low by imposing a $50 withdrawal limit on its clients. And from what we hear it is not guaranteed that you will get the money on that day.

This smacks of the awful Zimdollar days when banks used to give ridiculously low amounts of money to their clients.

It seems as if ZABG has rolled back the years and dumped its customers in that hideous period which would rather have consigned to part of history we would rather pretend never happened. Just think of it. If a person has $350 in rent to pay, he has to go to the bank for 7 days in a row – assuming he gets money on all of those days – to get his rent to his landlord.

We know there are liquidity problems in the country but how is that other banks can manage their situations and this bank doesn’t?

It is this sort of thing that is killing the little confidence people have in the banking sector.