Total Lubricants promotion launched

Total Zimbabwe recently officially launched the Total Lubricants Promotion by unveiling the Lubricants Bus and freighliner which will be travelling through the Central Business District and local surburbs in Harare promoting the Quartz and Rubia range of lubricants.

Total staff and attendees at the Total Lubricants Promotion Launch

Total Zimbabwe is committed to providing quality products and world class service to our clients. Total has designed a range of oils   that can be used in all operating conditions and applicable to the types of cars, the level of traffic and road conditions in all seasons in Zimbabwe.

Total Zimbabwe,Managing Director Mr Ronan Bescond

The Managing Director of Total Zimbabwe Mr Ronan Bescond said:

Total is a brand of reference in the lubricant industry. Through this campaign, Total Zimbabwe intends to get closer to each and every customer.  All lubricants are not the same. Total commits a lot of resources in Research and Development. It is Total Zimbabwe’s ambition to supply its customer in the Zimbabwe with top quality products adapted to their needs.

The lubricants bus and freightliner that was unveiled today is an interactive and engaging campaign that Total Zimbabwe has created so that customers can actively interface with the products and get an understanding of how the oil technology can improve car maintenance.

The Specialties Manager, Eng. Henry Finch said,

Our campaign focuses on our QUARTZ and RUBIA range of products that appeal to the automotive sector. These products guarantee ultimate engine protection; people can drive long distances and feel confident in their engine’s endurance. These products answer the needs of both passenger and heavy duty vehicles running on diesel or petrol.

Dance Troupe performing at the Total Lubricants Promotion Launch

Total Zimbabwe will have the Lubricants Bus and freightliner travel through various parts of the Harare including, charge office terminus, Rezende street, and Copacabana terminus as well as surrounding suburbs in Harare namely, Eastlea, Mbare, Machipisa and as far as Ruwa.  There we will be give-aways and competitions for spot prizes for the public.

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