Shocker As Harare City Council Fires 3,000

As many as 3,000 employees are reported to have been given dismissal letters on notice.


State broadcaster ZBC is reporting that the letters of dismissal were signed by the deputy mayor Councillor Thomas Muzuva as the mayor is out of teh country.

The move comes while parliament is session trying to amend the Labour Act to stop the bloodbath since the 17 July 12015 ConCourt ruling which allowed companies to dismiss workers on three months notice.

Parliament was called early into session to curb the rampant dismissals which have seen as many as 20,000 workers.

The amendment bill has seen robust debate in the house assembly especially over the adverse report of the Parliament Legal Committee which called some of the sections unconstitutional. Parly decided to throw the report out with the Vice President in charge of the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs saying the report contradicted itself.

This could mean legal challenges to the bill/act especially on the retrospective application meaning jobs will continue to be lost while lawmakers argue.

As of this post, the parliament was in committee which means they broke  up to various groups to discuss any issues that they have concerns about over the bill. A third reading will be made on Tuesday night. We will keep an eye on all this for you.

That said, one can’t help but think this action by the City Council, if true was made so as to preempt the enactment of the amendment.