SA Kicks 43,000 Zimbabweans Out in 12 Months

South Africa has deported almost 43,000 Zimbabweans in the last 12 months.

The figure is actually 42 940.

South Africa resumed the deportations of Zimbabwean illegal immigrants last year in October after having initially suspended the exercise in April 2009.

The highest number deported in June when 4 460 were deported. The least was last month with  2 967 kicked out.

Our guess is that half of all those are back in that country.

Just for good measure, Zimbabwe deported South African musician Lundi on Thursday. He is supposed to have a show on Saturday.

  • Mr_popular

    The most deportations are happening in JHB and nearer to Zimbabwe,i personally know that in other parts like western cape & northern cape that has not being happening. And with the recent Farm strikes now Rocking the western cape, authorities and farmers need a reliable work force. Some farms have been burnt in areas like Dedooms and many white people are switching workers in favour of Zimbabweans!

    • Because they won’t strike violently. That won’t go down well with the locals who will attack Zimbabweans accusing them of colluding with the farmers