SA Company Wins ZESA Tender

ZESA is expected to start distributing energy-saver bulbs next month after signing a contract with a South African company to supply over three million bulbs.

This news comes weeks after reports claim that ZESA was set to pay about US$36 million to Mozambique’s Hydro Cahora Bassa to reduce Zesa’s power debt. Zesa owes Hydro Cahora Bassa US$76 million.

It is believed that the use of energy saver bulbs will result in ZESA saving about 200 megawatts, enough to cater for half of Harare or the whole of Bulawayo or at least four small towns such as Gweru, Kwekwe, Masvingo and Mutare.

The South African company- Kgabo Engineers, is expected to deliver the first consignment of compact fluorescent lamps next month after the State Procurement Board approved the tender.

The energy savers, commonly referred to as CFLs, last longer, at least 8 000 hours while an incandescent light bulb lasts for 1 000 hours.

While the cost of acquiring the 3 million bulbs is not known, The Herald quotes Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company managing director Engineer Julian Chinembiri as saying the total cost was going to be less than the projected US$12 million.

While this is a short term solution to the country’s electricity needs, we certainly hope it will to some extent increase power supply to the many homes and more importantly industries that have been affected by power shortages.


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