Kasukuwere Tells Gono To Grow Up

Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has hit back on his row with Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono over the Foreign Bank equity.

Gono had earlier stated that Kasukuwere was not fit and proper to deal with the indigenisation of banks and that he would be seeking audience with President Robert Mugabe to have the issue sorted out.

Kasukuwere did not call reporters to respond to Gono. No. The dude just went onto his Facebook wall and said this:

 Discharging national responsibilities require maturity and sober reasoning. We will not fall for the attacks; but will continue to be guided by the rule of law and the necessary transformation of key institutions.

Shareholders have been in touch with us and we are pleased with the progress to date and we will continue with the respectful engagement. I am sure that, at the right time, we will approach all other relevant authorities and get their views.

We think they should withdraw these fights from the gallery. It makes them look like kids. We did suggest it was like so when Gono said he was going to tell on Kasukuwere. It just makes both of them look bad. It confuses everyone and creates unnecessary camps.

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