When Husbands Fail…

Wives of unpaid workers from Willdale Bricks in Harare have stormed the company to demand that their husbands be paid salaries that have not been remitted in two months, NewsDay reports.

Wives had become a bit fed up with husbands waking up and going to work for two months and bringing nothing home. They decided that their husbands weren’t getting message across,  so they decided to confront the company themselves.

They were whisked away into control room where management had a word with them.

This of course does not look good for a company that is listed on the stock market. It is tragic that wives had to picket for their husbands’ salaries. It has become all too common for people in Zimbabwe to go for months without getting pay with companies blaming this on liquidity problems. How the companies still continue to run while refusing to pay dues is beyond us, though.