Fears Of Shortage As Zimbabwe Pays Malawi Debt In Fuel

Zimbabwe is set to start delivering $23 million fuel to Malawi to settle the debt it owes to the country.

Malawi Energy and Mining minister, Cassim Chilumpa told Malawi media:

The Zimbabwe government has agreed to give us fuel and very soon they will dispatch trucks. We have accepted this arrangement because currently we are in need of the fuel.

The debt goes back to the dark days of 2007 when Zimbabwe was unable to feed itself. Malawi itself is under the cosh since Western countries stopped giving it support over disagreements with the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

As it stands we are not sure how much this will bite into the fuel the country needs but it would ambitious to think there will be no effect. Maybe we could send them some of the E10 fuel that noone seems to fancy locally.

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    this does not look good 🙁