Diaspora-Based Entrepreneurs To Launch Business Network In Harare

A group of diaspora-based entrepreneurs have launched a network called Business Ideas Group (BIG) and they are bringing it to Harare next week.

h.koppdelaney / Foter / CC BY-ND

These are  Zimbabweans that have agreed to come together and make a difference and possibly look at ways of how they can invest back in to development of their own country.

Th eGroup consists of Zimbabwe business owners around the world including Zimbabwe and was launched on 30/05/2015 in the UK with the aim to connect people and access international business opportunities.

It is an initiative of ‘creative and action-motivated’ Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and business executives internationally.

Members include Airline owners, Miners, Farmers, Company Directors, Inventors and international leaders.

The main objective is to foster, encourage, promote, protect and advance the establishment, and development of indigenous owned enterprises in Zimbabwe and act as a focal point in the development of strategies while increasing the participation of Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs worldwide by engaging with governments, development associations and other relevant institutions.

The drive has been a belief in actioning dreams and visions. It is also a Platform to create various business consortiums that contribute to developing Zimbabwe.  A platform to make a difference and create wealth.

Among the aims of the network is to facilitate and formularise a Rail Consortium whose vision is to capitalise and purchase part of the National Railways of Zimbabwe network.

The event presents an opportunity to register interest, discuss a strategy and inspire an actioning plan and timeline. So far the group has 300+ potential investors interested in making a difference in their own country by creating employment and wealth at the same time.

They have begun the structure for a health consortium for Zimbabwe and details will be discussed at the event

BIG has since launched in the UK and are now planning to launch on the 16 July 2015 at the Meikles hotel in Zimbabwe.

The chairman and co-founder of the group Danai Gombera stated that, ‘while we value foreign investment, it is also vital that our very own Zimbabweans based overseas also show an interest in investing back in to their own country.’

A team of approximately six entrepreneurs will be coming from the Diaspora to facilitate this event and these include DanaiGombera, Glorianne Francis, Dr Brighton Chireka, Patrick Cheza, and AnoSenna and are being actively supported by Zimbabwe based business owners Zodwa Kadungure and Vanessa Chironga Chiyangwa amongst others.

Some prominent business owners based in Zimbabwe have agreed to grace the event and some will take to the platform to speak at the event.

Tickets for the cocktail and soiree are $40 a head and found at Meikles Hotel.