Delta Set To Cut Jobs As Sales Dry Up

Oh dear.

Reports are that Delta Beverages will cut its employee numbers due to the continued drop in sales of lager and sparkling drinks.

Lager (a pint of)
katielips / Foter / CC BY

Marshall Pemhiwa, the company‚Äôs director of human resources sent out a communique to heads of department in which he talked about the need to ‘rationalise operations and reduce headcount.’

Lager sales have dropped 8% and sparkling drinks 15%.

No indications on actual numbers have been given but if this is not a sign of a serious crisis in the economy then we have no idea what is given recent structural adjustments to remunerations by mobile telecommunications giant Econet. Econet and Delta have been the most successful companies over recent years.

Over to you Honourtable Chinamasa.