Buy Zimbabwe. It Makes Sense!

I am not going to pilfer your time by asking you to be patriotic and be proudly Zimbabwean. Yes, I want you to love this country and engage in an aggressive monetisation of your affection. Put your money where your mouth is. Although that would be nice

I am not going to guilt you by saying that because you are Zimbabwean you have to buy Zimbabwe because you are Zimbabwean and that is what Zimbabweans do because they are Zimbabweans who want other Zimbabweans to be successful Zimbabweans. That would be pretty cool too.

I am not to ask you to support local content because it is local. OK that is somehow related to the paragraph above so… I am not going to tell you that they need your support so that they can become big companies and there again is success. OK that is a wasted paragraph but you get the point…

I will tell you to buy Zimbabwe because it makes sense. As long you are importing a packet of crisps instead of supporting locally manufactured ones the money is leaving the country. And when money leaves, it doesn’t come back as much because very few out there are buying Zimbabwe. That means the next time you go to the bank and they tell you that they have no money, it is because when you bought that packet of biscuits, the money left the country. The next time you make a presentation to a promising client, and they tell you that they can’t do it. Guess what? You sent the money elsewhere!

So buy Zimbabwe not because of the usual ideological arguments that you get. Buy Zimbabwe because you want to get your money back!

  • Hope Masike

    It makes sense. Buy home music because you want your money back!