Bloodbath Continues As NRZ, ZINARA Axe Hundreds

Employee woes continued as the Zimbabwe National Road Administration fired 309 people.


Of the 309, 9 were managers as the giant axe over Zimbabwe’s formal employment continued to claim many.

Worse still the National Railways of  Zimbabwe will release close to 2,000 employees on notice too.

Since the ruling from the Supreme Court allowing companies to get rid of workers simply on notice without packages, over 10,000 people have lost their jobs as companies took advantage of an opportunity to rationalise their wage bills.

On the Zinara front however, ZBC is reporting that fired workers have actually been replaced. This means that this could now be used as a loophole by some organisations to simply replace workers. While that is the prerogative of the company, there is a suggestion that these replacements are with relatives of senior managers.


  • ICT

    Actually firing workers and replacing them is unlawful. Its tantamount to unlawful dismissal according to the labour act.

    • But the ruling said you did not have to explain to the person why they were being let go. So there is now a loophole.