As images of bond notes continue to ‘leak’, here are a few things to be worried about

In the last twenty four hours we have gone from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe telling us that the controversial bond notes and a coin they never told us about will be out Monday 28 November 2016 to all sorts of leaks.


Leaks we call them because they are not officially from the central bank’s official channel but it should be worrying that before they are meant to be in the hands of people all sorts of images exist.

It makes one ask a few questions:

  • What is the security around their availability like?
  • Why are people being allowed to use phones in such high security in such high security spaces?
  • Who is taking these pictures and for whose benefit?
  • Could it be part of some RBZ PR campaign to show the notes and coins are here?
  • Is there anything to stop someone taking very specific pictures with security features for the benefit of forgers?
  • Why has the government said nothing about these pictures?
  • And if it is in the banks, what else is being linked by bank staff?

It is a bit worrying to be honest.

RBZ announces bond notes will be out Monday
Read the full RBZ statement on bond notes coming out this Monday

We’re not accusing anyone of anything. We’d just like a few answers really.

Below is the first image that leaked last night. A few more have done the rounds including one with trunks from which notes are being unloaded etc: