Air Zimbabwe Borrows A Plane

The recently constituted Air Zimbabwe Private Limited has secured an Airbus A320 for leasing to service its regional destinations. There is no indication of how long the lease will be for and how much it will cost the taxpayer.

This development comes after the government took direct control of operations through its  Transport and Finance Minitsries.

Transport and Communications Minister Nicholas Goche said that efforts were being made to ensure that operations wouldn’t resume and then get shut down again.

He added that there would be no new routes when the national airline resumed operations.

Meanwhile Air Namibia is expected to resume flights next month.

We of course think this is a good move for Air Zimbabwe but we wonder what chances there is of professionalism given the bureaucratic bungling that comes with anything that has the label government –  and not just in Zimbabwe. The airline industry isn’t exactly booming right now and it would be folly to think that this venture will be bleeding for a while.

That said, the fact that we will have a flag in the sky again soon is a good thing. Could be under better circumstances though.

Sources: The Herald

  • Sugargray

    please tokumbirawo kuti maprice enyu adzike tikwanisewo kuvhakacha

  • So one of the `shefu`s wants to travel somewhere? Lol jokes aside. I dont see why the taxpayers have to foot a bill to a redundant venture.. When it will clearly be run down again soon by that same management, why are they not immediately starting fights if they intend to actually make a profit.. Or is it that workers are still up in arms about their salaries. Anyways strongs to AirZim! Wish them the best….