ZOL Ends Free WiFi Service Promotion

ZOL Zimbabwe have discontinued their free WiFi service promotion on Monday 11 May 2015  and replaced it with a paid option.


Charges start at $15 for 5GB (valid for 30 days) which still has them a lot cheaper than all their rivals in the same business. The other packages are $29 for 15GB(valid for 60 days) and $39 for 30GB (valid for 90 days).

The ZOLspot service is available from over 200 locations all over the country. The robust platform is always on and if you have been a user of it you will have noticed this.

Sure we can see how this will upset the briefcase businessman or artist who has spent hours using the service to communicate.

The other side of it all will be the argument by those who pay for ZOL services who would perhaps feel that they were getting a raw deal given people could just go to a WiFi hotspot and access the Internet for free.

Mind you if you have a Fibroniks account you will be able to use the ZOLspot service for no extra charge.  This will be linked to your ZOL account and is available on multiple devices. All you need to do is register your devices on www.myZOL.co.zw.

For the rest it’s not free but it is reasonable.

The free WiFi access promotion had run for about 18 months.