ZNA says it did not send that WhatsApp message

The Zimbabwe National Army says it has nothing to do with that WhatsApp message claiming it had become concerned with political upheaval in the country and was recommending suspension of demonstrations.

In a statement it said:

The Zimbabwe National Army would like to advise members of the public that the WhatsApp messages concerning ‘the escalation of tensions in both the ruling party and in the opposition parties in Zimbabwe’ did not originate from the ZNA. The ZNA would like to categorically state that it does not communicate its activities and or intentions through social media. The social media article must therefore be discarded and dismissed with the contempt it so deserves.

The message being responded to is as below:

The Zimbabwe National Army has noted with concern the escalation of tension in both the ruling party and in the opposition parties in Zimbabwe.

It is from the background of these intra-party and inter-party tensions that the Zimbabwe National Army has recommended the suspension of all demonstrations both political and civic from the 5th of October 2017 until the reassesment of the tension and see fit the resumption of such.

This is in pursuit of our constitutional mandate towards the constitutional mandate of Peace and National security. All stakeholders are obliged to adhere to this recommendation and any breach will attract remedial actions from the force.

For the avoidance of doubt the Zimbabwe National Army will not seat on its laurels and watch any threats to the security the nation state either caused by its citizens or foreigners. We are in defence of the constitution and the people of Zimbabwe.

Social media hoaxes have become the norm in Zimbabwe as an audience with limited ability to spot nuances in content especially in digital spaces.


  • gismo

    “limited ability” really?