ZESA To Stop Disconnections But…

So the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has decided that they will stop disconnecting customers immediately while getting them onto the prepaid system.

On the surface that seems like a brilliant and logical idea. From now on you get what you pay for in advance and you are more likely to be guaranteed power. You don’t have a small section of the community heavily subsidising the rest right?

Except ZESA hasn’t guaranteed that. You see, as it stands, they have just transferred their problems from one space to another. The biggest issue with ZESA has been its billing system. The system being the people running it. That has not been sorted and there has been no guarantee made that if you pay for electricity you will get it. Sure the other side of it is that you pay for electricity now even though you spend weeks without it.

What ZESA is banking on is that loads of people will not be able to pay for electricity which means less pressure on the grid. That immediately throws electricity as a human right out the window and down the fairway out of the golf course and into the bushes down the river leading to an ocean.

Before you get too carried away, the current inaccurate bills stay put. Yes, they carry over all their errors into the new regime.

600,000 registered customers will have prepaid meters in the next 10 months. How many of those will be able to service their electricity bills?

Better question, how many of those is ZESA going to screw up?

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