ZESA Resumes Power Disconnection

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has gone back on its word and resumed disconnection of domestic and commercial customers in arrears.

A few months go, the authority said that it would no longer disconnect people as per a government directive as it roles out its pre-paid meter system.

So far 32,000 of  reported 600,000 consumers are on the pre-paid system. ZESA says everyone will be on that system in the next 1o months.

In some instances, customers were being disconnected and being told to at least halve their bills for a prepaid meter to be installed. This is in-spite of ZESA saying that it would get money owed from 20% off every purchase of pre-paid power.

The Energy and Power Development Minister Elton Mangoma is quoted in The Herald  as saying that he was unaware of these disconnections and that he would only comment on these if customers complained.

This means either one of two things. ZESA is being naughty or the minister has been caught with his eye off the ball. The third option is that both have been a little naughty.

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)