WhatsApp Live Location should creep you out really

WhatsApp introduced a new feature called Live Location recently which will allow you to share where you are in real time.

That means you won’t have to get out of the app to tell your friend or friends where exactly you are.

Live Location was introduced with the latest rolled out update for iOS and Android.

The feature is not revolutionary as it is already available on apps such as Messenger, Google Maps, Telegram etc.

To use the Live Location feature one will have to tap on the paperclip icon next to the chat box. The location can be shared in the form of chat. It can be sent to WhatsApp groups as well as individual chats.

To keep a track of how many people or groups are getting the live location updates, one can check in the Account Privacy settings. In terms of WhatsApp groups, if various participants have shared their live location, all locations will be visible on a single map.

Now this all may sound dandy but really except most users are not tech savvy and will suffer from ignorance which mean privacy issues will come into play aggressively.

In a world where we share so much data this very personal real time collection of data that can be shared and forwarded is a worry. And most of it comes from a place of ignorance meaning it will land into the hands of those we’d rather not have it.

Stalkers, fraudsters, information merchants and spies will love this because more often than not, the biggest snitch, is yourself.