WhatsApp finally has a solution for drunk texting

WhatsApp, the world’s biggest social messaging app has brought some relief for people who have sent that message that has you thinking, What was I on?

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The platform is testing an option that will allow you to edit or delete messages after you have sent them. Yep that means you can save yourself the walk of shame after making that embarrassing admission of a crush on someone or that text to your ex that really should not have made it.

The catch?

If they have read it, you can’t recall the message. It is done.

That means after you have sent a picture of your unmentionables to the boss when you meant to send it to your wife, you have to up before him to make sure the deletion takes place.

The unsend option should be available soon though we are not sure about the edit function which is still being beta tested.

PIC: Frank Gruber via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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