VIDEO: Startup Weekend Winner Food Match Enters Global Startup Battle

Food Match, the winners of the second Startup Weekend in Harare have entered the Global Startup Battle.

The event was held on the weekend of 21-23 November at Hypercube Hub.

Team Food Match

Team Food Match

The Food Match team, led by its initiator and team leader, Summeyia  Omar managed to edge out four other teams and were declared the winners, taking home $40,000 worth of prizes.  The team developed an sms-based platform that will link supermarkets/suppliers of food that is about to expire with buyers who are willing to pay for food that is on the brink or expiration(but still edible) at a 75% discount.

Omar, who is a medical doctor, came up with the idea when she learned that on average, Zimbabwean  supermarkets throw away $2000 worth of food every month.  Food Match’s business model creates a situation where supermarkets would sell the food to Food Match who would pick it up in a refrigerated vehicle, solicit a buyer through their SMS platform and deliver it to someone who will use it immediately.  In addition to being a good business idea, this would allow food not to be wasted in a country where many cannot afford to pay full price for food that would otherwise go to waste.

Judges Valentina Azzarello Geoff Goss Tino Kambasha

Judges Valentina Azzarello Geoff Goss Tino Kambasha

The judges were were Valentina Azzarello of UNDP, who had flown in especially from New York, Tino Kambasha – Executive Direct of Imara Edwards Securities Holdings and Geoff Goss, CEO of MatambaAnonaka Technologies Holdings.

Food Match beat off the challenge of Mhuri Yethu, a crowd funding platform for cancer patients and who have built hardware and software that is able to track the presence of electrical voltage on certain gridlines which triggers an alert.

Now they have entered the race to win $300,000 worth of prizes in the 5-track Global Startup Battle. Each track has a different set of international judges (including hip hop legend and tech investor, Nas).

Their idea looks solid. We hope they make it.

Watch their pitch for the Global Startup Battle below: