Twitter increases character limit to 280… for some

Twitter for the first time in its history is changing its character limit.

It will be the beginning of the end of wit and brevity as it starts its trod towards becoming the behemoth that is Facebook (still a far cry from 63,206 over at Zuck’s place).

Anyway at 280 it is double what it offers now to its users and this test service will be made available to a test group which tweets in certain languages like English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Twitter says that cramming thoughts in a 140 character tweet is a big deal for some languages like English which hit the limit 9% of the time. Korean and Japanese on the other hand do so 0.4% of the time.

Given this will have core design changes it will take some getting used to for some of us hardcore twitter heads but, we’ll probably get used it.

Can they get the content more friendly please though?

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