This OneMoney feature has us really excited

So a few weeks ago government-owned NetOne released its One Money mobile money service product.


The new service is an upgrade for the One Wallet it had before.

OneMoney allows you to do more at the least cost and when set up, a OneMoney account can be linked to a ZimSwitch enabled debit card.

And it has the following features

  • Send and receive money
  • Pay Merchant – pay for groceries, buy fuel,
  • Buy Zesa token
  • Pay bills – i.e water bill, post paid Zesa
  • Buy or send airtime (Buy airtime for your or someone else)
  • Do your Payroll
  • Banking services – Bank to wallet, wallet to bank, zipit to wallet
  • Debit card services – Swipe your card to anywhere is Zimbabwe for anything

All pretty exciting stuff but the one thing that peaked our attention was this.

A registered OneMoney customer can send money to any mobile number across all networks. The person you are sending money to does not need to have a OneMoney account or be a NetOne subscriber. However, only NetOne customers can register for OneMoney.

With the lack of cash situation now the norm we’ve needed to go electronic all the time so solutions like this are not stop-gap but pretty much par for the course.

To register for OneMoney Simply Dial *111# on your phone. You will need a NetOne line for that though…

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