This is why you can’t quit Facebook

So have you found yourself saying, ‘That’s it, I am done. I am deactivating this account’?

And then after getting to the deactivate button something stops you and you take the drug again the next day.

According to research by the Open University, the appeal of Facebook might actually be that it lets us ‘hate watch’ our friends

A 100 people were interviewed and found to have seriously negative experiences.

Instagram the worst for young people’s mental health

Philip Seargeant, Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Open University says,

None of the people in the study, however, said that they’d reduced their use of Facebook because of the frequent offence they experienced from using it.

It is like watching TV shows you do not like because you want to make fun of them. So when you see that smug couple with their #RelationshipGoals or that dude/chick who is always taking photos of themselves at the airport, or that other person who is always on Facebook Live to bitch about something or the other… well, you are watching just to hate on it.

And that, friends, is why you can’t quit.

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