The Father-In-Law Who Broke The Internet [MEMES INSIDE]

He has met with everyone that matters, from President Obama, Prophet Makandiwa, Kanye West, Beyoncé etc., he has even time-traveled and taken a picture with Mbuya Nehanda.

The same man has been to every house that matters, the State House, White House, Union Buildings, No. 10 Downing Street etc.

In fact he has met everyone and has been everywhere.

But who is this man? Well we are just as curious to find out.

Meet the unknown man who has broken the local internet space….. unknown as in we don’t know his name as yet.

How it all started.

The supposed original tezvarapic

The supposed original tezvarapic

It was just one picture posted on Facebook (we saw it on rapper CST’s profile) where the father in-law as he is being referred, appears in a wedding photo inappropriately dressed.

Clad in a blue shirt and shorts with light brown shoes, the man looks like he is standing next to his wife if you do the pairing.

This triggered an avalanche of memes as internet jokers recreated the man.

We don’t know if the wedding picture was photoshopped or not, that might need some photographic specialist to verify, we are not sure as well if the man is a Zimbabwean.

But the ‘social media experts’ out there have ‘overwhelming’ evidence that the wedding picture is real and that the man is Zimbabwean.

Here are a few of the memes:









Michael Shoko