SOCIAL MEDIA GONE WRONG: Twitter User Posts Zim Woman’s Nude Pic

In a case of social media going tits-up – no pun intended –  a Zimbabwe woman has had a nude picture of her posted on Twitter by another person.

How the user who posted the pic (@amblujay) got hold of the picture of (@ragingbarbie) is not clear but a game of brinkmanship went wrong for the lady.

The woman in question is generally very, errr…  how do we put it, vocal about sexual issues which has gotten her all types of attention. However it seems as if in this instance she called the man’s bluff and lost.

It does show some of the unpoliced dangers of social media where its wanton use can result in very embarrassing circumstances.  This could be classified as a form of Twitter bullying. Mind you it went both ways. She posted a screen grab of what was supposedly a private conversation,.

Also we think it is a bit unfortunate that real world and personal issues are paraded on platforms of this nature no matter what the circumstances are.

Wonder if @amblujay will get in trouble with the law for distributing pornographic pictures. That is frowned upon in this country.

Meanwhile, she as promised the guy that he will get what’s coming to him.

This soap opera will continue.

For the sake of decency we have chosen not to reproduce the picture here.

  • IngoStaR*

    this is why niggaz shouldn’t be allowed to use Twitter

    • Celcius

      what exactly do you mean Ingostar? this sounds like an Ig’nant comment to me…

  • Sekuru Phineas

    haa zvanakidza shuwa, vose vataridzika kuti havana hunhu! Current bf ndiye apenya apa azoswera achitsvaga aya ma”inspirational love quotes” kuti atsive hahaha

  • Tinoti kuna ivo mai ava Raging chakuti chakuti. “Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe, kana iro rokwevewa roti mavara angu azare vhu.” Tinotizvakarezve, “Nyakusikiza akazozadzwa gwati.”
    Wenyu, Sekuru Nzou.

  • re-a-list

    it would be good to see former school mates on the spotlight for something honorable not this.. eish. Winston wamakisa