Suppose We Have To Talk About That Bloody Dress

The Internet has gone ape-mad because of that dress.

IMAGE:  Swiked/Tumblr

IMAGE: Swiked/Tumblr

What dress, asks someone who was under that rock over the corner there. That one.

So the question was all about what colour was it… Was it gold and white or blue and black.

Obviously the answer was blue and black and all that stuff. We would like to care about it.  We really would but well, po culture does.

There is a science apparently. There is an explanation here that says something about colour and lighting and elimination. It is pretty long and if you want to read it click here.  They’re trying to sound cleverer than us really.

We have to admit that we have lost friends and potential girlfriends and mistresses for saying that the dress is black and blue.

Truth sucks…