What Carl Said About… #stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty

As often as we can we will get tweets from funny man an prolific tweeter Carl Joshua Ncube and put them up here.

We think some of them which get posted late at night get lost in the noise and all that other mess. This is part of our new section on social media buzz. This will keep you up to date with Zimbabwe social media trends and content as and when the editorial allows.

Today we look at 10 tweets from Carl which take a satirical look at the things we could do for Olympic swimmer Kirsty Coventry for her years of service to the country.

Feel free to add any other crazy ideas you may have:

@KirstyCoventry must be given her own tsumo “Mwana Asingacheme anofira mu deep end” #stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty

knowing @KirstyCoventry should count as proof of ID and as proof of residence from now on, for every zimbabwean #stuffWeShouldDoForKirsty

they should just make @Kirstycoventry win Big Brother Africa for no reason whatsoever #stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty

Kirsty Coventry must be included as a card in Crazy 8 when played forces you to go back 200m #stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty

you must be able to parallel park, hill start do drums and swim backstroke to get a Zimbabwe drivers license #stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty

#stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty the classic Zim tune Solo na Mutsai must immediately be rewritten to Solo na Kirsty Coventry

Sen @DavidColtart must have a new textbook commissioned immediately “New Ventures in Kirsty Coventry” #stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty

#stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty speedo swimming costumes must be incorporated into our national dress and backstroke is now our traditional dance

#stuffWeShouldDoforKirsty we must make a mix tape featuring every zim artist “Stunner ndati mix tape not SEX TAPE!!”

  • chamangwiza

    this guy should keep his day job. Seriously.

  • MIKE

    I’m not sure if this guy’s jokes are really funny…I’m just saying

  • Quda

    We should also have a kirsty coventry dance which follows e backstroke motions