So Here Is What Happened To Your Econet Social Media Bundles…

So many people have been having a bit of a cry over Econet bundles being slow over the last couple of weeks.


We even remember having one of those weird tired ironic laughs when someone said Econet was dropping #ThrowBackThursdays on its social media platforms which its customers could not get into.

Well now there are two lanes. They are called Lite and Extra.

Lite means you won’t be able to download media much, Extra means you can get on steroids and have a good time.

You can’t call on either.

The cost?

Well you know the old bundles for Whatsapp were 3oc per day, 90c per week and $3 per month right? That is now Lite. For Extra it is $1 per day, $2 per week and $6 per month.

Opera Mini Extra will go $1 per day, $2 for 3-day access and $6 for the month.

Facebook Extra costs $2 for a week and $6 for the month.

We suppose when it got slow, we were all guinea pigs for the change in offers.

Screw net neutrality we suppose. We guess somebody has to pay for it.

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