Shona language learning app targets kids in the diaspora

So say you moved into the diaspora and are quite settled there but your kids are getting out of touch with the Shona language from back home.

Jane Dola of MJDK Ltd

Jane Dola of MJDK Ltd

Since we have app for everything developers at MJDK have decided one for your kids to learn your mother tongue needs to be a reality and so they came up with the Chii?

Jane Doka, spokesperson for MJDK Ltd, said they developed the Chii? App after observing how most migrant communities struggled to pass on their mother languages to their children who are born or raised in their adopted country.

“For parents who are juggling busy working and family lives, this often means they have little time to teach their kids their language and the children inevitably speak the language of the society in which they live since it surrounds their every experience.

While primarily targeted at kids it is suitable for adults who speak other languages but want to learn some Shona.

We’re keen on this because it deals quite beautifully with issues of identity. While many migrant communities from other countries tend to retain strong identity Zimbabwean families seem to struggle at this and a tool like this goes a long way towards helping with this.

The Chii? App can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple iStore.