Shift Work Increases Risk Of Heart Problems – Study

A study has revealed that people who engage in shift work are more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who do day work.

The British Medical Journal published a study which took a sample of 2 million workers in the UK  which found that shift work disrupted body cycles, linking it to a higher risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.

It said that shift work resulted a 23% increased risk of heart attack, 24% increased risk of coronary event and 5% increased risk of stroke. However the link to mortality rates from heart problems was ‘modest’.

One big reason for the risk increase was because shift workers were up all the time and did not have set rest times.

With a huge population of Zimbabweans living in the UK doing shift work and sometimes two different jobs including shift work, this will come as a stiff warning.

The BMJ says:

Avoiding permanent night shifts, limiting shifts to a maximum of 12 hours and ensuring workers have a minimum of two full nights’ sleep between day and night shifts are simple, practical solutions that can help people to cope with shift work.

While one has a family back home to take care of, it should not be done at the risk of one’s own health.